Parent Pledge

Monkwearmouth academy are committed to providing targeted support for every child who needs it. The White Paper (2022) states that ‘Parent Pledge’ is a promise from government, via schools, to families, that any child who falls behind in English or maths should receive timely and evidence-based support to enable them to reach their potential. We will strengthen our parent partnership; communicating intervention programmes and tracking progress throughout the process.

Our Parent Pledge:

The role Monkwearmouth plays in this process is to outline how we believe and will ensure all students, no matter their context, will be given all necessary provision to achieve their potential in maths and English and indeed all subjects. In reality, there is nothing new for Monkwearmouth here as we have always strived to ensure all students reach their full potential and succeed  in all subjects and not just English and maths.

How will these be achieved?

Our Pledge has been informed by evidence research (EEF – Teacher toolkit, Pupil Premium blogs, SEND review, literacy and numeracy programmes). Sharing of good practice will continue to be a strength of our school as we form new partnerships, as well as build upon established ones. We understand that we are stronger for your children when we learn from other high performing schools. Therefore, this will continue to be a focus for us. Our Academy has taken into consideration National Assessments to guide interventions and invested in the National Tutoring programme to provide additional capacity to our committed body of staff.


Quality First Teaching

The Parent Pledge states that children who fall behind ‘catch up through our education system’s first line of support: excellent teaching’

At Monkwearmouth  we believe Teacher expertise are an essential part to any students’ success. Therefore, we will ensure that the training our teachers receive is world-class and meets the context of all students.   

·         Rosenshines principles

·         Great Teaching Toolkit

·         NPQs

·         Appraisal

Reliable Assessment

The Parent Pledge states that this should now be the expectation of all schools. Schools must respond to the results of assessments by targeting those who need extra help and utilising ‘the growing evidence base of effective support approaches’

At Monkwearmouth already in place is robust, reliable assessment to identify children who need extra help, and offer targeted, evidence-based support to these children.

·         KS2 National Assessments

·         Cognitive Ability Tests

·         Accelerated Reader

·         ‘That Reading Thing’ Phonics and writing assessment.

·         Module assessments.

·         Mock Exams

·         Multiple Choice quizzing

Additional Support

The Parent Pledge states they will ‘continue to financially incentivise schools to provide tutoring’ and ‘expect every school to make tutoring available to children who need it’ thus making ‘tutoring no longer… the preserve of families who can afford to pay for private tuition, but the right of any child in need of additional support.

In 2021-2022 Monkwearmouth Academy provided 2,000 additional hours of tutoring.  We will continue to ensure all children are able to get the support they need in and beyond the classroom as needed. This maybe in the form of:

·        National Tutoring Programme

·        In class literacy and numeracy support

·        Class Withdrawal

If you wish to discuss our provision for your child at Monkwearmouth Academy please email,  and request a call-back.