Parent Advice

What roles can a parent fulfil:

A parent or carer can play many roles in helping students succeed at GCSE — he or she is not just the "bank of mum and/or dad" (see point 4, however). 

A parent can be all or some of the following: 

1. ATTENDANCE OFFICER - making sure children attend school 

2. PARTNERSHIP — going to parents' evenings / information meetings 

3. PROVIDER — tools for revision and homework — a quiet space, a supply of pens, paper and other necessities 

4. BANKER — paying for the tools, files and revision guides 

5. "STUDY BUDDY" — showing an interest in the subject, helping with homework, and testing when asked 

6. ENTERTAINMENT OFFICER — finding out about TV programmes, theatre productions, films, exhibitions relevant to your learning 

7. ADVISER — helping to break down tasks so that they are manageable 

8. PROJECT MANAGER — negotiating with you the rules for homework and revision, devising a realistic timetable 

9. GO-BETWEEN - between home and school 

10. INFORMATION OFFICER — finding copies of past exam papers, searching out websites, exam structures, content, contacting school for advice on any of the above 

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