Our Library 

We have a dedicated Resources Centre/Library, located in the Art and Technology block. This is a fantastic learning area for all students, with computers, a range of fiction and non-fiction books, and a calm and quiet workspace.

Book Buzz

All of our Year 7 pupils recently received a book as part of the ‘Book Buzz’ programme. There were seventeen brilliant books available – ‘You are a Champion’ by Marcus Rashford and ‘Alex Rider: Nightshade’ by Anthony Horowitz were particularly popular. When the books arrived, we wrapped and personalised them, as a special Christmas gift from the Academy. Students were very excited to receive these during enrichment time!

Spelling Workbooks

Each year group at Key Stage 3 will be given a list of key spellings to learn. These are taught during English lessons and students have the opportunity to practice them for homework, before being quizzed the following week.

Try the following links below to spelling lists:

Year 7 Spelling Workbook

Year 8 Spelling Workbook

Reading Lists

At Monkwearmouth Academy, we hope that all of our students will develop a love of books and become confident, lifelong readers. To support this, all students spend time reading in Enrichment at least once a week. We have also produced a suggested ‘Reading for Pleasure’ list for Years 7-9.

Try the following links below to reading lists:

Year 7 Reading List

Year 8 Reading List

Year 9 Reading List

KS4 Reading List