Character & Rewards

At Monkwearmouth Academy, our vision is to support the development of students so that they can be happy and successful in whatever life path they take. We believe that this means developing the student not just academically but also who they are as a person – their character.  The character curriculum promotes the academy’s values and threads through their personal development learning journey as well as the rewards system.   

The characteristics that students need to develop form their ‘Circle of Character’. We support the development of these strengths in a coherent, highly effective way: all staff and students have a shared language for character strengths; we explicitly teach students how to develop their character strengths through our character curriculum and the house system.

We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to develop the good character of our students to help them be wiser and kinder every day.  

House Character Points  

Students are expected to demonstrate positive behaviours which are conducive to learning and reflect the Academy values of Believe, Achieve and Succeed.  These behaviours are the pillars of our community and will be recognised through verbal and written praise.  House Character Points are based on the following categories:  










Rewards at Monkwearmouth Academy 

Positive behaviour is our primary goal and is supported by a comprehensive approach to character development and behaviour management. We encourage students to seek honour, not only by showing high respect and tolerance to others but also by being regarded with pride and distinction by others.  

It acknowledges that human behaviour is influenced by both:  




Positive Points

House Points 1

Reading 2

ME time champion 2

Honour Award 5

100% attendance 5

Passion Projects 10

Bridge Award 50

The Bridge Award allows all students to be accredited and rewarded through a formal programme of activities. The Bridge Award encourages British Values, healthy living, creativity, community involvement, careers and ambition.

Passion Projects are open to all students so they can challenge themselves and explore interests that they have a real passion for.  Students can gain additional positive behaviour points for their participation in these projects. 

• An Annual Awards ceremony is held at the Academy and celebrates all those students nominated in the following categories: 

Head Teacher Award - Subject Awards - ME time recognition - Attendance Awards and MOSCAs (Monkwearmouth Outstanding Student Character Award) 

View the rewards you can gain at Monkwearmouth Academy here: Reward.pdf