At Monkwearmouth Academy, we believe that our ME (Monkwearmouth Enrichment) time programme is essential to all our students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We offer an inclusive, varied and engaging programme of clubs and activities that give all our students the opportunity to be challenged and inspired.

Enrichment activities students do go beyond the normal curriculum, supporting mental health themes and character development.  The programme is an important part of the academy’s focus on personal development, helping students develop self confidence, positive relationships, high self esteem and a healthy emotional outlook on life.

Most of the clubs and activities are offered free of charge by our teachers and support staff who give up their own time to lead on things they themselves are extremely passionate about. Some of our clubs and activities do come at a cost where we have sourced instructors who are specialists in their particular field. Where possible we try to reduce the cost of these to give every student to opportunity to take part.

ME time focuses upon 4 key themes linked to good mental health:

Ambitious me – we want our students to aspire to be the best version of themselves.

Physical me – we want our students to be active and healthy.

Creative me – we want our students to be imagination to be fuelled by art and culture.

Social me – we want our students to be confident and resilient.

Our core values of Believe, Achieve and Succeed all directly inform and reinforce our intention to create a varied and engaging enrichment offer that allows students to be challenged, inspired and develop their character.

You can book via our online booking system, or by informing the office, to reserve a place on any chosen enrichment activity. When you reserve a place that will guarantee a spot for the rest of this half term. Some activities do have a cost attached and once you have a reserved a place you will receive contact from ourselves informing you to pay via Parent Pay. We look forward to seeing your child and hope they have fun trying one or more of our after school clubs.

For further details regarding our enrichment opportunities, view the documents below:

Enrichment Brochure

Parent Guide - Booking Clubs

We have a range of officially recognised and accredited opportunities for our students some of which are shown below. Please click on an icon for further information.